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Find your IP and Mac Address

Want to find your IP and Mac (nothing to do with Apple) address on a PC or Apple- this is the place to be.

On a PC you need to go to start and then run and then type cmd and press enter. Then a black box will open and you type ipconfig /all and press enter. Then you will see you IP address and your MAC (or physical address). An important thing to remember is that for every network connection you have, you will have a different MAC address – so if you have wireless, wired and bluetooth you cold possibly have 3 MAC addresses.

On an Apple computer click on the apple signal in the top left and choose system preferences then choose the network option then if you click the relevant tab (i.e airport or wired) and you should have the relevant information!

Legal threats halt iPhone crack

A British firm’s plan to sell software that could open the iPhone to non-US networks has been put on hold following legal threats.

Last week, Belfast-based UniquePhones joined several others in claiming it had cracked the code which locked iPhone into AT&T’s network. But a middle-of-the-night phone call from AT&T’s lawyers has forced the firm to rethink its plans. It will now take legal advice to assess the ramifications, the firm said.

According to UniquePhones, it received a 3am call from a lawyer claiming to represent AT&T and warning it that selling unlocking software could constitute copyright infringement and illegal software dissemination.

“A substantial delay caused by any legal action would render the unlocking software a less valuable commodity as well as creating unforeseen security issues for the company,” UniquePhones said in a statement.

Apple response

Interest in the iPhone, Apple’s first foray into the mobile world, has been intense since it was launched in the US in June. On Friday it was reported that a 17-year-old US hacker had unlocked the iPhone and used it on rival T-Mobile’s network. George Hotz said that the method he used took two hours and involved both tinkering with the software and some soldering.

A website called iPhonesSimFree also claimed to have cracked the code with a software solution that it would begin selling imminently. Analysts believe Apple may still have time to modify the iPhone to tighten its locks before the phone is launched in Europe.

Any reported cracks would have ramifications for Apple’s European partners which, it is rumoured, the firm may announce at IFA 2007, a consumer electronics show being held in Berlin next week.

Tech blog Engadget thinks UniquePhone’s should make their unlocking solution available to the public.

“Here’s to hoping that, should UniquePhones not find themselves able to actually sell their software, at very least the unlock method they’ve discovered gets opened up to the public. After all, there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t be able benefit from this knowledge just because one company isn’t able to sell it,” it said in a blog entry.

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WordPress to MySpace Crossposting

For those of us who maintain several blogs, crossposting – or the ability to write one blog and then publish it to multiple blogs – is a very handy function!

MySpace has traditionally been one of the hardest to crosspost to, but if you are a WordPress user, then enter some funky php courtesy of Roderick Russell.

Because of some of the limitations of MySpace, and particularly its formatting options, the 2 scripts he has written post an announcement on your MySpace blog that give the title and then direct the user to click through to your WordPress blog. This might sound a bit odd, but actually, those of us who maintain WordPress blogs tend to want users to land there first, rather than MySpace, so I leave that option alone. You can attempt a full post though, if you prefer.

Here is a sample of what the post looks like on MySpace:

Thanks are due, once again, to my good friend Donovan who found the original link.

Gmail doesn’t open & live bookmarks stop

When I went in to the office after lunch, expecting a relatively quiet afternoon – with all the people off for the summer – I could not have been more mistaken. With a website problem that has been doing my head in and a couple of laptops to fix it turned out to be a lot more full than I anticipated, (so the stickcricket went on hold!).

One of the people who can with their laptop, had not been able to open their gmail account. They could open the login page – but once they put their user name and password in the screen stopped with the little ‘loading’ sign in the top left. This left me bewildered for a short while – so I tried loggin in to my own gmail account – and that worked no problems – then I tried the original account, to no avail. This coupled with the fact that the live bookmarks did not work led me to the solution.

 What I did was go to tools and then clear private data – then made sure the cache box was selected and clicked ok. That worked. For some reason the information that firefox was caching was preventing gmail and the live bookmarks from working!

Right, back to stickcricket…

“Internal GDS Software Consistency Check” Error in FeedReader

This morning my computer had problems on bootup and shut down. After starting the computer back up again I have the following error when trying to run FeedReader:

  • Internal GDS Software Consistency Check

When I had a look in feedreader most of my feeds were gone and all the feeds that were still there were empty of any posts.

FeedReader provides a FeedReader Backup Utility with the FeedReader application. The “Restore from Backup” option t did not fix the problem. After trying to start it up again I still got the “Internal GDS Software Consistency Check.

After searching the FeedReader forums a bit I went back into the backup utility and I ran the “Fix possible database errors” option. This fixed the problem and when I started FeedReader again all my feeds were back, and I had access to all the previous posts that I had saved.

If you have problems running the FeedReader Backup Utility then I would probably suggest that you do a <ctrl> <alt> <delete>, run the task manager and check what processes are running. If feedreader.exe is still running then you will want to highlight it and click on “End Process”. Then after that is complete you should be able to run the backup utility.

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Using Windows built in Wireless Management

If you buy a new laptop today – more often than not it will come with a wireless management program from the company you purchased the laptop from. This (in theory) should work efficiently with the computers hardware giving you no problems with setting up access to different wireless access points and networks. I have found that if I cannot connect to a wireless network then in some cases it is has been the wireless management system built by the laptop company (I have had countless problems with Toshibas wireless management).

There are two ways of switching it so that Windows manages the connection. The first thing to try is to double click on the windows wireless icon (a screen that looks like it has radiation coming out of it), Then select change advanced setting and choose the wireless tab. This hopefully gives you a checkbox to select that says let windows manage my wireless connection. If that is so – then you are good to go – otherwise it is a little more tricky.

Using the right mouse button, click on My Computer and select manage then choose services, then you need to scroll right the way to the bottom of the list to Wireless Zero Configuration. You need to start this service – to do that you click the wireless zero configuration line with the right mouse button and select start. The exit and Windows should be managing your wireless connection!