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Free Personal Finance Software for Mac and Linux

Free Personal Accounting Software - [Register]Although there are quite a few different personal finance software packages available for a Microsoft Windows PC, I personally use an old version of Microsoft Money 2000, I have not seen many packages available for personal finance management on the Mac or on Linux.

Today however I found GnuCash on the web. It describes itself as “GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL and available for GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris and Mac OSX.”

GnuCash seems to be a fairly feature rich personal finance application. It includes:

  • Checkbook-Style Register
  • A fairly robust (from what I can tell) Financial Reporting and Graphing Module
  • Different Account Types to help monitor cash flow
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Stock and Mutual Fund Portfolios
  • Small Business Accounting Module, which includes Customer and Vendor tracking, Invoicing and Bill Payments, and Tax and Billing Terms
  • Intuit Quicken QIF import
  • Support for the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) protocal
  • Statement Reconciliation
  • Localization
  • Financial Transaction Search Feature
  • Support for Online Stock and Mutual Fund Quotes
  • Cheque Printing
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • and quite a bit more

Although I won’t be using this myself I will be suggesting it to my friends at work who are running Mac OSX as an option for their own Free Personal Finance Software.

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Turning Off Automatic Update in Windows XP

I got a bit pissed off today and I have shut off the automatic update feature in Windows XP.

I was writing a few articles in Notepad++ for my renovation blog, my personal blog and an IT related work blog/community that I contribute to for my work with YWAM when I had to step away to take care of my daughter, who is having her first birthday today.

Windows Automatic Update decided during that time to do the 5-minute count down for restart to finish some sort of update on my computer. Because I had just walked away for a few minutes I had not saved my articles before walking away, so when my computer automatically restarted I lost all the work that I had done on the articles.

It’s partly my fault for not saving, but it’s not very often that your computer automatically restarts without you approving it. Microsoft’s way of making people opt-out of a restart, instead of authorizing a restart sucks.

So that is why I have turned off automatic update now on my Windows XP machine.

To change your Windows Automatic Update settings you need to go into the control panel, double click on the “Automatic Updates” link and then choose what level of updating you want. I have not actually turned it off completely, but instead I have set it to automatically download the updates, but to prompt me before installing the updates.

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Free Hard Disk Space Manager for Windows

As my hard drive size has gotten bigger it has become easier to fill it up with sometimes useless stuff. Even when the stuff is not useless, it can still be hard to manage all the files on my computer’s hard drive and know how much space on the hard drive is actually being taken up.

If you are only wanting to mange your files on a local hard drive then a great program to use is TreeSize Free.

TreeSize Free Screen Shot

TreeSize Free provides you with an Explorer-like interface and can also add itself to the right-click context menu in Explorer. It’s helped me a lot in knowing when to archive my photos to CD and also when I need to clean up certain folders like my download folder. TreeSize Free will also allow you to print reports.

I have also found TreeSize Free to be great in helping me to manage our file usage on our Windows Server 2003 File Server. Although not ideal for this, JAM Software offers TreeSize Professional for this, it works adequately for our small office. TreeSize Professional allows scanning of network hard drives and has quite a few different reporting options and more information then the TreeSize Free version does.

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