Monthly Archives: February 2007

File Conversion

Converting fies from one medium to another can be a challenge – especially with so many formats floating around. I have however come accross a wonderful site . At this site you can convert documents (such as pdf to word), audio files (such as acc to mp3), video and a whole lot more ALL FOR FREE. It even has the ability to take youtube urls and convert them so you can have them on your portable video device or computer.

It is a simple system really – all you do is upload the file you want converted, select the format you want your file changed to and leave your email address. Within 24 hours you will recieve an email with a url that you can download the file from (it will only stay for 24 hours – so make sure you check your email!)

Overall it is a great free service and an incredably useful one. No more need to spend hours searching online for file converters anymore!!