Monthly Archives: December 2006

Turn On the Anti-Spam Feature in Microsoft Exchange SP2

At the moment about 80% – 90% of the e-mail our organization receives is probably SPAM. This is a huge pain for all of us here who don’t have anti-spam loaded on our systems. Because we are running a Terminal Server environment we are not able to run the Microsoft Outlook Anti-Spam filter, so we were a bit stuck.

With our new Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP2 set-up we knew that there were anti-Spam features built in, but we were not sure why they were working. For some reason that I’m sure Microsoft knows, but as a small non-profit we don’t really understand, the anti-spam feature was disabled in the default installation. After reading up a bit more, and doing some searching on-line I came across an article that explained how to set up the Intelligent Message Filter in Exchange SP2.

Only time will tell, but I hope that this will cut down on the Spam that our staff need to filter through on a daily basis.

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