Monthly Archives: April 2006

Cheap Multifunction Printers

In the past I have had a very hard time justifying the purchase of a cheap multifunction or all in one printer. It’s seemed like a waist to put money into a scanner that was attached to a printer you would probably have to replace in a few years anyways, even if the scanner is still in good condition.

My thoughts changed last weekend when I went shopping for groceries. Randomly at the end of one of the isles was a HP PSC 1410 All-in-One printer. Normally when I see stuff like that I buy amoxil online with examination just walk past, but the price tag caught my eye. The printer was only $35.60 AUD (about $25.00 USD)! I thought for sure that I was confused, but sure enough the printer, with regular (non-starter) ink cartridges, a built in scanner AND a USB cable (normally $12.00 more) was only $35.60.

I had actually been looking around for some new printer cartridges for my older HP Inkjet printer before this and those cartridges alone would have cost me more than this new printer, about $45.00. After grabbing a printer and putting it in my trolly I considered grabbing a second one, but I thought that I might have a hard time convincing my wife of the wisdom in that.

Chances are pretty good that the printer is a “grey market” printer. Meaning that it was manufactured for sale in the Asian market but then imported by Woolworths for sale in Australia. I checked out the warranty though, and the thing is warrantied here, so it’s all good.

Obviously HP is hoping to make up the money in new ink cartridges, but I will probably be going for ink refills anyway. Besides, at this price I can just pick up a new all in one printer if I need new cartridges.

End Firefox 1.5’s “Unresponsive script” dialog

Quite often when I go to upload large files I run into an “unresponsive script” dialog box in Firefox.


This is especially true when I am working with video and/or audio files. It’s even worse when I am at home on dial-up.

Lifehacker has a great post on how to get rid of the “unresponsive script” in Firefox. I have used the tip and set my script to 20 instead of 5 and when I upload files at work I no longer run into the problem. At home is another story, but maybe I need to not upload video files over dial-up…

Running Windows XP on a Mac – by Apple

Apple just released the beta software called Boot Camp that allows users to run a dual-boot Windows XP and Mac OSX machine. You can read more from Robert Scoble’s web-site, scobleizer: Run XP on a Mac? Cool!. At first I thought that it was a belated April Fools joke, but I don’t think so anymore.

Considering that this had just been done by hackers it’s pretty impressive that Apple has gone ahead and made it an available option for people wanting to do this. It created an interesting conversation in our office with how this will effect the buying habits of corporations and individuals.

We agreed that it has the possibility of effecting individuals buying habits a lot more than corporations as you would still need to purchase a Windows XP licence. For a home computer this now makes the Mac Mini or even the iMac quite appealing, even to a PC geek like myself.

Ed Bott has some very good comentary on it that you can read in his article Ed Bott: Dual-boot, no; virtualization, yes. You can also check out Apples official press release on their web-site, Apple Introduces Boot Camp.