Monthly Archives: March 2006

Print Servers

One of our departments uses a netgear print server to share the printers with a number of workstations. This week we spent several hours trying to figure out why some of the computers could not connect to the print server despite being able to see them. The problem was that the windows firewall was turned on and that blocked the ability of the workstation to communicate with the print server – such a minor error caused hours of work!!!

Syncronization software

We have just installed a whole load of new servers at work including file servers. These are intended for people to back up their work -  but as with the old system people forget to copy it onto the server and then are upset when they lose work at their terminals.
However we recently found this software called syncback, that in has setup wizard you select the source and destination drives and then backups can either be automatically run through a scheduler or manually at the touch of a button.This software is free and I have no complaints or problems with it!! you can go to the download site here